Radio Communication Resources

12 Steps to Emergency Radio Competency

All about repeaters (MS Word document)

Area Repeaters

Here is a summary of local repeaters. Additional details are available in the Member Kiosk, Downloads section.

Recv freqNameCTCSS
442.825 +CHRCHU156.7 Hz
442.250 +LKOUTU156.7 Hz
442.300 +SehomU88.5 Hz
146.740 –MtConV103.5 Hz
444.050 +MTCONU103.5 Hz
441.925 +CHOUSU103.5 Hz
145.230 –SumasV103.5 Hz
145.230 –BlainV131.8 Hz
440.375 +SUMASU131.8 Hz
440.375 +BLAINU107.2 Hz
147.160 +KingV103.5 Hz
443.650 +KINGU103.5 Hz
146.740 –SqualV127.3 Hz
443.750 +SQUALU103.5 Hz
145.190 –LymanV127.3 Hz
442.400 +LYMNU2107.2 Hz
444.500 +LYMNU1103.5 Hz
444.625 +CULTSU103.5 Hz
443.300 +PTROBU100.0 Hz
442.750 +SUDDNU103.5 Hz

Blank ICS FormsĀ  (Local versions are available in the “For Members” section.)

Digital Frequencies

WECG Communications Centers

LocationUHF/VHF radiosHF radiosCommercial radiosPublic radiosPower
W7ECG SAR radio room
St Joseph Hospital

WECG Vehicles

VehicleUHF/VHF radiosHF radiosCommercial radiosPublic radiosPower
W7JIM Red Van
KE7BLK White Van

Area Communication Nets

County Emergency Antennas

  • Dem/Eoc
  • Air National Guard
  • Acme Elementary
  • Bham Sch.Dist.Office
  • Blaine Police Dept
  • Everson Police Dept
  • Blaine Sch.Bus Garage
  • Ferndale Sch.Bus Garage
  • Glacier
  • Harmony Elem.Sch.
  • Lummi Law & Order
  • Lynden High School
  • Lynden Senior Center
  • Maple Falls Elem.Sch.
  • Meridian High School
  • Mt.Baker High School
  • Mt.Baker H. Admin.
  • Nooksack High School
  • Sumas Drug Store
  • Sudden Valley
  • Whatcom Co.Health