What's New on the Site


Over the last several months, we have started to use security certificates so that our website can now be reached using https://wecg.org as well as http://wecg.org. In order to automate the renewal of certificates, we needed to move to a newer server at PogoZone. That move happened this week. More changes to come...


People have been updating various pages on this website, but not this page! :-/ Today the updated flyer for Field Day got put up, some typos got corrected on the resources.php page, and the first update on this page since 2011 is now complete. :-) Further updates can be requested by emailing, texting or calling John, N7BWX: wecg at kulshan dot net, 360-671-7012.


Updated weekly nets and member kiosk content.


With the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA's) change to the role of Radio Amateur Communications Emergency Service (RACES) groups, The Whatcom Emergency Communication Group developed out of Whatcom County RACES. The updated website with a new domain also moved to a new host.