How to participate in WECG

1. Show Up

You are invited to join us for our monthly meetings, the second Thursday of every month at 7PM at the Search and Rescue building on the corner of the Smith Road and the Northwest Road (look for the building with the antennas and garage doors). At the meetings we discuss upcoming drills, there are educational opportunities, and we will hear about the work being done by different branches of the group. DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC: We are meeting via Zoom. For more information, please email our membership coordinator, Leslie Langdon

2. Sign Up

Fill out the ARES membership form and the Whatcom County Emergency Worker form. Turn them in to the Membership coordinator at the monthly meeting.

3. Get in contact

Sign up to receive announcements from our email distribution list by filling out this form

4. Get trained

While various training opportunities arise throughout the year, there are some basic training requirements.

  1. Take ICS 100, ICS 200, and NIMS 700 online from FEMA
  2. First Aid, CPR, and Blood-borne Pathogens course is offered regularly by our Search and Rescue partners.

Give copies of your training certificates to the Membership Coordinator.

You will also need to take SAR Base Camp if you want to help out with radio communications for Search and Rescue missions.

Work through the 12 Steps to Emergency Radio Competency

Not required, but recommended are various ARRL Online Courses.

5. Check In

Sunday nights at 19:00 (7pm) check in on-the-air on the Church Road repeater 442.8250 MHz with a tone of 156.7 Hz

6. Participate

Throughout the year your help is needed in conducting drills and events, and putting down your name as willing to be called out to respond to emergencies along with more experienced operators. Our service to the community is the volunteer work that we do. We are excited to provide emergency communication support with you!