Weekly Net (digital and voice)

Every Sunday evening check into the Whatcom County Emergency Services Net.
See below for details.
WinlinkAnytime during the week prior to Sunday 1800All licensed amateursTelnet or packet to a Winlink gatewayPractice using Winlink to pass messages. Bonus points for attaching a SitRep ICS213 to your message.
FSQSundays 1800-1820All licensed amateurs145.020 MHz simplex mode FSQPractice the FSQ digital mode
FlmsgSundays 1820-1850Amateurs affiliated with any EMCOMM group This is Directed Net:
Voice: Church UHF repeater 442.825 MHz tone 156.7 Hz.
Data: 145.020 MHz simplex. Mode varies.
Get clearance from voice net control before sending your digital traffic on 145.020 MHz simplex.
Participants can practice sending and receiving ICS213 messages using Fldigi and Flmsg.
Consider volunteering to be Voice or Digital Net Control for this net. Send email to w7ecg.wecg@gmail.com for information.
VoiceSundays 1900-1920All licensed amateursMt. Constitution VHF repeater 146.740 Tone 103.5 Hz.
Net Control may move the net to another repeater or simplex frequency after starting the net on on the Mt. Consititution VHF repeater.
Exercise your radio equipment.
Consider being Net Control for this net. Visit http://wecg.org for details.

Check-in and how-to guides:

To download the check-in guide in pdf format, click here.
Weekly digital Flmsg Net How-to.
Weekly digital Flmsg Net Control Script.

Simplex Net

The last Sunday of every month is a simplex net conducted on 146.580. If you can hear a station that net control cannot, please provide your callsign to indicate you have a relay. If you cannot hear net control whatsoever, please wait a few minutes and then give your callsign so someone can relay for you.

To download the SIMPLEX check-in guide in pdf format, click here. (Regular check-in guide is also required.)

Net Control Operators

13 Oct 2019Volunteer needed
20 Oct 2019John KB7PKL
27 Oct 2019Volunteer needed
03 Nov 2019Volunteer needed
10 Nov 2019John KF7ZJM
17 Nov 2019Jim AE7UQ
24 Nov 2019Don W7AIN
01 Dec 2019Bryce KI7UIN
08 Dec 2019Kevin KI7KUR
15 Dec 2019Judson KG7CTA
22 Dec 2019Doug KE7QPL
29 Dec 2019Tom KE7JOE
05 Jan 2020Matt N6GFO
12 Jan 2020Volunteer needed
19 Jan 2020Martin WA7MJL
26 Jan 2020Brian K1BJ
02 Feb 2020Volunteer needed