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Amateur Radio participation in Cascadia Rising

The Whatcom County Cascadia Rising earthquake/tsunami emergency exercise will take place June 7-8, 2016.  The scenario is a magnitude 9.0 earthquake off the Oregon coast with an associated tsunami.  The Whatcom County exercise will be active from the morning of June 7 until 1600 hrs on June 8.

If you are an amateur radio operator in Whatcom County and want to participate, please note the following:
Notification on the morning of June 7 will be via the AlertSense notification system.  You can enroll at:

If you are a member of a municipal emergency communication group, e.g. Whatcom County ACS (auxiliary communication service), Ferndale ACS, Blaine ACS, check with your organization regarding participation in Cascadia Rising.  Other hams can participate through the Whatcom County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) group – Whatcom Emergency Communications Group (WECG).

The following is the ARES/WECG plan for Cascadia Rising (CR):

  • WECG will establish an emergency net on the Church Rd Repeater (442.825+, 156.7Hz tone) for the exercise after CR has started.
     If you are available and wish to participate, check in to the WECG emergency net and advise of your status.  You will be asked for the following information:
    1. Location? (Where are you, e.g. neighborhood or nearest community)
    2. Operational status – Winlink, HF? (Can you use Winlink in any mode- Telnet, HF, VHF)? Do you have HF capability?
    3. Station Power? (E.g. commercial power, generator, battery…)
    4. Are you deployable? (mobile and portable operating capability, “willing and able”)?
  • WECG net control will send a summary report to CR Incident Command at the Whatcom Unified Emergency Coordination Center (WUECC) to provide a picture of where amateur radio operators are available in the county and what their capabilities are.
  • WECG net control will communicate CR information to the net as it develops.  If you need to leave the net, please advise net control so that Incident Command (IC) will have a current picture of amateur radio resources available.
  • Depending on your capabilities and situation, you may be asked by net control to provide additional information to/for WUECC.  You may also be asked to communicate with other localities.  However, you should not self-deploy.
  • To manage communications with IC, do not contact WUECC unless requested to do so by net control.
  • WUECC wishes to restrict voice traffic to Emergency messages only.  Other traffic (Priority and Routine) should be sent to WUECC via RMS Express if at all possible. Messages for WUECC should be sent to with a copy to and  Messages for WECG net control should go to
  • If you are associated with a WECG client or another organization participating in Cascadia Rising, – American Red Cross, PeaceHealth St Joseph, Volunteer Mobilization Center, CERT – check with your organization regarding their plans for the exercise.  Some organizations are only participating during specific periods during June 7-8.
  • All repeaters may not be operational during the CR exercise so be prepared to switch to backup frequencies as needed.  Refer to the WECG CR ICS-205 – Incident Radio Communications Plan – available below. The ICS-205 also lists the primary Winlink RMS VHF gateways in the county.
  • ICS 205
  • If you are located outside Whatcom County (Skagit County, Southern BC) you may check in with net control but you will not be called upon.
  • The Whatcom County emergency communications groups may monitor the Mt Constitution VHF repeater during the exercise June 7-8 and direct amateur operators wishing to participate to the appropriate net.

More information on Cascadia Rising is on the WA RACES website

Upcoming Events

29 May 2016 (Sun) 19:00Whatcom ARES Emergency Services Net (weekly) Mt. Constitution Repeater 146.740- MHz (T 103.5 Hz)
(7),8,9,(10) June 2016 (Wed-Thu) 0800-1600Cascadia Rising Level 1 Drill Washington, Oregon, British Columbia
09 Jun 2016 (Thu) 19:00WECG Meeting (monthly) SAR Building (Smith Rd @ Northwest Rd)
24-26 June 2016 (Friday-Sunday)Field Day 2016 Van Zant Fire Station